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What is DesignerFriday?

DesignerFriday is an eco-conscious fashion brand that stands to empower women, promote body positivity, and produce sustainable products using sustainable and upcycled fabrics.

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One Size Label Dresses

Body Positivity

We want you to feel confident and positive. Our priority is that you feel beautiful in what you wear, hence, we stand by our concept of no-size label dresses empowering you to put on what you desire in any colour, shape or form.

Why Designerfriday?


Working & collaborating with a non-profit social enterprise, to financially empower female-centric units, we focus on creating ethical and sustainable fashion, supporting initiatives such as female health clinic, and delivering workshops on a range of topics including human rights, feminism, menstrual hygiene, health, and financial literacy. 


Nap Queen Essentials Gift Box is your go-to Sustainable Gift Box.

From pampering to self-care, perfect as a treat or a gift.

With organic skincare and mouth-watering chocolates and sustainable accessories, each product in the box is making a difference to our environment from the way we make our products, the materials used and supporting the people and their communities who make them. Share and support our mission one ethical product at a time #DFnapqueen 

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My wife had mentioned their dresses a few times, so for her birthday I bought her a maxi dress in her favourite colour. She's in love with it and very satisfied. Highly reccomend!

James W

I am in love with my new dress! It fits comfortably and the patterns are stunning. I have received so many compliments and will definitely be buying again soon.

Suzie Y

The biggest seller for me was their commitments to sustainability and working with non-profits to empower women around the world. More companies should be doing this and I am happy to support.

Helen P

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