Selena Gomez prevails all with ‘My Mind and Me’

Selena Gomez prevails all with ‘My Mind and Me’

Selena Gomez is known worldwide due to her successful music and acting career, and she has remained an inspirational idol to her fans. With her recent show starring in ‘Only Murders In The Building’ on Disney Plus, and her flourishing beauty brand RareBeauty, Selena continues to have a purposeful and prospering career. 


SelenaGomez inspires us to adopt positive thinking habits, advocating global mental health education and awareness, promoting believing in ‘the beauty of imperfections’ and ‘championing authenticity and positivity’ through her creative but challenging life experiences .


Despite her continuous success and admirable personality, Selena went through a dark period struggling with body image, lupus and mental illness. In her documentary she candidly talk about these issues focussing on utilising her platform as a pop star for the greater good, and to help others. In her own words, 

“I don’t wanna be super famous… but I do know that

if I’m here I have to use that for good”  

She’s an inspirational example that shows how maintaining a ‘perfect’ self-representation is unrealistic, and that listening to our bodies and checking in with our mental health is so important.


This documentary continues to wave Selena’s flag of supporting mental health awareness by opening up with her own story. Believing in the power of healing and growing higher than her diagnosed anxiety and depression, Selena is a great example of persevering positive attitude through with the power of gratitude. 


 “I am grateful to be alive” 


Selena is just as determined to promote an empowering message stronger than what she experienced. The documentary spans six years of Selena’s life- where she experienced a popular breakup with singer Justin Bieber, went through a kidney transplant due to Lupus and spoke openly about her struggles with mental health. Selena’s fans are welcoming this documentary with warm positivity as one user writes, 

“Showing her most vulnerable moments in front of millions and millions of people, that’s another type of strength and bravery. #MyMindAndMe”

AppleTV+ Press describes it as a 

"uniquely raw and intimate documentary". 


Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me will be released on November 4, 2022 on AppleTV+. 


At Designerfriday, we continue to spread the message of positivity and gratitude by embracing and understanding each other life challenges, sharing our stories, that can contribute positively to our own well-being. 

Selena’s journey inspires all of us through an impactful message on how we can stay strong by reconnecting to ourselves, specifically by,

  • Being honest and gentle with ourselves, embracing ourselves in its entirety. 
  • Being mindful of our thoughts & feelings and being present in the moment.
  • Overcoming whatever health issues we may inhabit through the power of hope & positivity.
  • Taking time out to unwind your stresses. Going for a walk, listening to music, reading or watching your favourite comedy does good when you are feeling low.
  • Most importantly, be mindful of supporting & embracing and understanding each other life challenges to help get through the dark periods of our lives.

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