5 dress mistakes and how to avoid them

5 dress mistakes and how to avoid them

When it comes to fashion, there are no rules. That being said, with all the trends, brands, styles, and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Sometimes, you want to know what to do, and what not to do, so we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common dress mistakes, to make your relationship with fashion stress-free!

Pocketless panic

Have you ever got yourself dressed for the day, felt completely chic, then realised you had nowhere to put your phone? Your keys? Where does my purse go? As women, we’ve had our fair share of experience with measly pockets. Most of our clothes don’t have them, ESPECIALLY our dresses. But what if a dress was stylish, trendy, AND had pockets? At Designer Friday, we have you covered. With tonnes of stylish dresses to choose from, in maxi or midi length, and patterns ranging from floral to animal, you don’t have to sacrifice pockets for style!

One-hit wonders

There’s a dress for every occasion. Cocktails, dinner, meeting the parents, picnics, weddings. The list goes on. But why should we spend money on multiple dresses that we’re only going to wear once? One hit wonder dresses should be a thing of the past, especially when we consider the impact on the environment that many fast-fashion clothes have. So what’s the solution? A multifunctional dress! Dresses with stylish, timeless patterns like animal, floral, or a simple block colour are perfect for every occasion. Navy-blues and neutral colours are perfect for all-year-round, so you can pull it out for a summer party, or a festive do. A-line silhouettes are perfect for dressing up or down - simply add a belt to add a synched look, or wear it loose to feel the freedom.

Uncomfortable materials

Man-made fabrics such as acrylic and acetate can take you from comfortable chic to itchy very quickly. Chemicals that are used in production can be harmful to your skin, which is why we suggest that you opt for more natural fabrics such as cotton. Comfortable, stylish, and good for the environment. What’s not to love?!

Environmentally unfriendly

Feeding the fast-fashion machine is a sure-fire way to a wardrobe no-no. Not only are the materials used cheap and often single-wear, the industry has a huge impact on the world, both environmentally and socially. Over 93% of fast-fashion brands don’t pay their workers a living wage. What’s more, over 350,000 tonnes of completely wearable clothing goes to landfill every year. Opting for eco-friendly brands like Designer Friday can help to instil a positive change. Our dresses are versatile and high-quality, ensuring each dress gets the limelight it deserves, day or night, no matter the occasion.

Body shapes galore

Did you know that there’s a sure fire way to find dresses that suit you every time? All you have to do is understand your body type! Picking the right dress silhouette for your shape (whether you’re pear, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, or round!) can make a dramatic difference. Larger hems and cinched waists can create the appearance of a curved figure, while more fitted styles can enhance the natural you. If you aren’t sure, the A-Line style is a jack-of-all-trades, perfect for all body types.

We hope these five tips will help to unleash the confident queen in you. And if you are looking for any more inspiration, look no further than Designerfriday dresses. Happy dressing!

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