8 Ways to Manifest your dreams into reality!

8 Ways to Manifest your dreams into reality!

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you stood up, worked, and got what you wanted?

Do you remember how powerful and empowering that felt? You deserve to feel that way all the time and most importantly you deserve to have what you want in life.

Did you ever wonder if there was a way to make it all happen? Well we have got exciting news because the art of manifestation could be your answer! 

Manifestation is such a powerful tool that could change the way you think forever. Believe it or not, your thoughts and beliefs can manifest unconsciously into your life, whether it be through people around you, your habits or even your moral values.

 It can be fairly simple, if you believe yourself to be the star that you are then people are going to see you as one.

You may have started to wonder, what exactly is manifestation?

In simple terms, it is the process of turning our wants and desires into reality with the power of your subconscious mind, beliefs and emotions.

If we can effectively craft the proper mindset towards ourselves and our goals, it can help us bring about physical changes in your life. We must not forget, however, that just visualising is not going to move us forward and action is necessary in manifesting your desires. We cannot sit around waiting for something to happen, so we have to step up and your time is just around the corner. Sounds exciting?

You may not believe it to be true, but the way we perceive ourselves and our goals has a huge impact on our successes in achieving them. Take for example if you had a goal to be able to run one whole kilometer in a day. Stop and think about what you are telling yourself right now. If your thoughts were:

“There is no way I can run a kilometer.”
“I do not have time to train or run.”
“I would be too tired.”

If these were your thoughts, then add some spice and flip them around into something that goes more like this:

“One kilometer is possible.”
“I find running satisfying.”
“It is an exciting challenge and I get to push myself.”
The point is that if you surround yourself with negative emotions then they manifest into a practice of unconsciously discouraging yourself to act. Changing the way you think by incorporating positive thoughts can motivate you to actually participate towards your goal, and you can finally start getting what you want.


The same goes with beliefs around self-love and acceptance, body positivity and so on. If you want to work on viewing yourself in a better light and loving your body as you should, it could be that the only thing holding you back is your mindset. 

Enough with the lesson, so how do we manifest our goals and dreams into reality?  

There are a few steps that can allow you to manifest the true you that you see yourself being. Here they are: 

Recognise your wants

 Realise what it is you are looking for and be as specific as possible. It could help to create a list of detailed goals on paper for you to hold. Remember, you know yourself best which means that only you know what you truly want.

Do not let others force their dreams and goals onto you because if you do not truly want it, it can be a struggle to manifest it. The more specific you are with your goals, the easier it will be to manifest exactly what you want.

Take for example if you wanted to improve your fitness. Start by asking yourself these questions:

What kind of exercise do you want to do? Running, swimming, kickboxing?

Do you want to improve stamina, lose weight, or perhaps you have another goal in mind?

Where and when will you do it?

What changes do you want to see?

A toned body, better posture, firmer muscles?

And how often do you want to work out?

In the morning, afternoon or late at night? 

Ask yourself these basic questions first so you have a clearer picture ahead. 


Ask for them 

Once you have a list of goals in mind, it is time to step up and ask for what you want. Choose your unique way of communicating your goals either through meditation, visualisation, maintaining a journal or even saying your thoughts aloud to enforce those affirmations in your head.

Allow yourself to ask for your desired emotions such as: 

I want to love and care for my body by making healthier decisions.

I want to feel confident in my body and feel good about the way that I look.

I want to feel determined to stick to my routines and meal plans every day.

I want to push myself to look and feel my best from now on.

Whatever these emotions may be, remember that you always deserve them. When you know exactly what you want, you are a step closer to manifesting them in your life.  

Step up and take action

Soon it will be time to take action and this is the fun part. Start by mapping out detailed steps on how you want to achieve your goals. If your goal was to be healthier, then incorporate your favourite exercise into your routine.

 It is important to do what you enjoy and that could be yoga, pilates, sports or you may like the treadmill. Whatever suits you, just make sure to add that to your list of steps for a more precise direction.  

Your list of actions could look something like this:

I will go for a run every alternate day at eight in the morning.

I will participate in a yoga class every week on Tuesdays.

I will practice my home workouts on weekdays once I get back from work.

 Creating these steps, not just for exercise, but for any goal you desire can give you a clearer vision ahead.  

Throw away limiting beliefs and negative thoughts

Manifestation cannot be possible with the presence of limiting beliefs. It is fairly obvious that if you resist change then it is very unlikely that it will happen. The same concept applies to manifestation and our lives.

There may be some difficult times and negative thoughts that can discourage us. The fear and anxiety can kick in and our habits of negative-self talk may slip through the cracks. Negative thoughts can force you to live in a world where you see yourself constantly trying and never reaching your end goal, and it will discourage you to act.  

Do not fear, however, because this is not a dead end. Start by identifying your negative thoughts and feelings. Then practice reinforcing the idea that you deserve better and more positive thoughts. There could be several goals in place here and it all comes down to you. You may want to increase your fitness, or you may want to start eating better for your body.

 So instead of:

 It takes too much effort and time to start working on my fitness goals.

 Change it to:

 It will feel satisfying to finally go on a run and eat better because I will be one step closer to my goal. 

Frame your mind to view yourself as somebody who appreciates exercise routines or somebody who loves to cook nutritious food. It all lies in your mind, you just need to make a few tweaks here and there on the phrases you repeat to yourself.

Harness your energy

 Oprah said: "The energy we put out in the world is the energy we get back.” So if you choose to put in positivity then you could find yourself surrounded by a positive environment that can help you gain a clearer mind to map out your goals more effectively.

Express the emotions you want to feel and they will manifest its way back into your life. Taking our fitness example in mind, once you start to feel confident and practice self-love as a result of your new routine, this energy will radiate off of you and other people around you will start to sense it too.  

In the same way, others will return the confidence and positivity that you give off to them. Focus on activities that bring you feelings of joy and comfort, then manifest them into your actions such as complimenting a stranger or doing a kind deed.  

These actions could be a form of relaxation and self-care for yourself such as keeping a journal, painting or meditating. Similarly, the energy that blossoms from your actions involving kindness will surround you allowing others to feel your kind presence and match their energy with yours.

Just as long as you are doing what you love to do, you tend to surround yourself with positive energy that you can receive in return.

Start to visualise  

A good way to motivate yourself is to imagine what the future you may be thinking about. Take a moment to visualise what they may be feeling or where they might be positioned and work towards that.

If you imagine your future self to be confident about your body then create your goals based on that. Try to feel these ‘future’ emotions and they will unconsciously manifest into your life.  

Visualize yourself enjoying the process of working out. Visualize yourself seeing beauty when you look in the mirror. Visualize those looks you’re going to get from people when they notice you walking by on the street.

Once you imagine yourself feeling your desired emotions, it will motivate you to act upon those steps to reach your goals. Your mind is more powerful than you think, all you need is to power it with the right thoughts and phrases like: 

I see myself feeling beautiful in my own skin.

I see myself feeling nourished with how I take care of myself.

I see myself standing out from the crowd.


Always be thankful

Show gratitude towards others and most importantly yourself throughout your journey. It helps to make a list of five things you are thankful for at the end of each day. You deserve praise and gratitude and so does everyone. So if someone has helped you get a step further to your goal, make sure to express your thankfulness. 

Do not go too far 

While it is always great to dream big, it is important to remain realistic too. Do not push yourself too far when it comes to achieving your goals. It can become dangerous to have overbearing expectations just as wanting to lose weight does not mean you should starve yourself.

Always remain logical and level headed, and if you struggle to find an answer do not be afraid to ask around. You do not want to create unhealthy habits from the start, so always educate yourself and be aware.

Now it is your time to discover your true self and finally be the person you always dreamed to be.  

You deserve to feel your best and with that comes a little bit of effort to be put into your life through positive thoughts and emotions.

At DesignerFriday we want you to believe in yourself and start incorporating positive thoughts that can motivate you towards self-love, body positivity and more by letting go of the limiting mindset to achieve your goals.

Be the person of your dreams and do not be afraid to reach out and grab that opportunity.


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