Disrupting the Status Quo on Sizing and Body Shape

Disrupting the Status Quo on Sizing and Body Shape

There’s no denying that the clothes we wear have a big impact on the way we perceive ourselves and our bodies. For anyone who has traipsed around a brightly lit clothes shop to the tune of cringey pop remixes, or spent hours scrolling through the websites of fashion retailers, we all know the horror of trying to find clothes that are the right size. If the stress of finding garments you liked wasn’t enough, we have the added question of ‘will they actually fit me?’ Usually, we turn to the trusty method of ‘bring 3 of the same items into the changing room and see what happens’, or ‘I’ll just return the others!’ This has become the new normal, but imagine a world where this wasn’t the case…

The Problem!

Well, the reality is that there is no standardised clothing size across all fashion retailers in the UK, which means that a 10 in one store could be a 14 in another. One twitter user even found that a size 28 in a popular fast-fashion shop fitted her size 16 girlfriend perfectly. In fact, research into a phenomenon called ‘vanity sizing’ has revealed that clothing sizes inflate completely over time - so Marilyn Monroe, who was classed as a size 16 in the 1950s, would actually be a size 10 today!

The boom in the fast fashion industry has largely exacerbated the problem of size labels. By reducing the number of sizes they stock, retailers are able to cut costs and reduce unsold stock. Think about it: if your favourite brand is selling a £10 dress that’s selling out fast, will you really mind that it’s a bit tight on your tummy? It’s a bargain right? It’s all part of the game.

The Impact!

By reducing our identity to a number on the clothes we wear, we’re also reducing our worth. We wear our size like a badge of honour, or a badge of shame, comparing ourselves to others and patiently waiting for the day we get that ‘ca-ching! I fit into this size now!’ moment.

It’s no secret that the diet, cosmetic, and fashion industries have long profited from our insecurities. Every day, we are bombarded with hyper-sexualised, perfect images in the media, driving us to spend more money in the hopes of achieving the ‘ideal’ appearance. There’s no reason why inaccurate clothing sizes wouldn’t contribute to this.

The DesignerFriday Mission!

At the heart of Designer Friday is the belief that no woman should feel defined by her clothing labels; we believe that women of all shapes and sizes should be accepted, celebrated, and included. We want to champion you to be your authentic self, and accept yourself, regardless of size. Most importantly, they should feel confident in the clothes they wear, knowing that...

Clothes are supposed to fit us, not the other way around.

This is why Designer Friday created the concept of no size-labels, to empower women to wear the clothes they want, not just the ones that fit. We’re paving the way for body acceptance, trying to instil the message that every size, weight, and colour is beautiful. All of our dresses fit up to a UK size 16, and are in a range of unique, timeless prints, giving you the freedom to accessorise and style to your heart’s content. Looking for a cinched look? Add a stylish belt! Going for that boho-chic, a-line style? The breathable, flowy material has you covered.

Now, you can also shop our ‘positive essentials range’, which has a wide array of uplifting, empowering products to remind you of the queen you are!

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