Is Orange the New Black?

Is Orange the New Black?

Gone are the days of ‘back to black’. Bright colours are the new standard - who's with us?

Say goodbye to the rules because they don’t exist in fashion. Colour is for everyone, regardless of body shapes, sizes or skin colour. We want you to wear what makes you feel confident and empowered in your own skin.

Below, we offer some tips to explore different colours within a safe space to slowly and surely inject colour into your wardrobe. Remember not to let these tips limit or restrict what you can and cannot wear. Colours are meant to be celebrated so use it to express your unique self.

You may ask: why should I add colour to my wardrobe? Well, there is nothing like that burst of confidence and energy from wearing colourful, statement pieces.

Let your creativity shine through your wardrobe while you search for your authentic self. Discover your colours and map out your aesthetics to appreciate yourself in a positive light. Interestingly, colours have also shown to improve moods and make impressions. At DesignerFriday, we want to inspire you to make empowered decisions in expressing yourselves using colour in your wardrobe. Join the movement to break boundaries and stereotypes within fashion and with this, here are a few starter tips on how to wear more colour.

Explore a colour scheme

If you are looking for an easy way to start, picking the right colour scheme is perfect for experimenting within your favourite range of colours. Take your pick between warm, cool or neutral schemes to best suit your style. If you fancy oranges, gold, or natural earth tones such as browns, deep tonal reds or rich shades of green, then the warm colour scheme is right for you. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot if you are a ‘cool’ fan. Neutrals are a favourite among those who thrive in whites, beige, dusty pinks, a soft rose, placid blue or jade green. Try out this soft look using inspiration from Selena Gomez or Angelina Jolie to adopt a dainty look.

Feeling brave? Pick a colour combo!

The possibilities are endless here and the best part is that it is all up to you to choose what you love. Whether you feel inspired to try cyan and purple together or if you prefer milder pinks and reds, there is always a stunning option. It may come as a surprise but red and green do compliment each other quite nicely. Did you know that dressing with colours can also have an effect on your mood? In fact, colour consultants like Jules Standish, author of How Not To Wear Black, mentioned proof that colours can have a psychological effect. If you are looking for a joyful charisma, looking at bright colours like red and pink can cause a release dopamine for improved moods and cheekily enough, even boost our sex drive. Blues have been thought to release a hormone called oxytocin that induces a sense of calm making it perfect for a first date or a presentation day. Pair your favourite colours and moods to create the perfect wardrobe for yourself.

 Go wild with a mix & match

  • Do not be shy to play around with wearing colours of a similar brightness to those you are comfortable wearing. This way you are making slow yet definite changes to eventually feeling good in a range of colours. Maybe go for pink instead of grey or blue instead of black to add some feel-good colour into your day.
  • Accessorise! They are one of the simplest ways to add colour. You can go in any direction you want with bags, shoes, scarves, hats or flaunt a piece of statement jewellery in your favourite colour. 
  • Slip in patterns with your favourite colours in them. Although they may seem daunting, patterns are not an enemy. With countless variations and numerous options you can always find a pattern that best suits your style to add a dazzling effect.
  • Statement with coloured t-shirts. Inserting colours through t-shirts is a safe way to put yourself out there and to start the day off with style. Layer these statement t-shirts with a neutral blazer or jacket and you could even wear your favourite pair of jeans with this too. Pair those new colours with comfortable basics such as white, black or grey which will allow you to use this opportunity to explore your favourite colour range, either by going for a soft pink one day or a maroon red on another. 

It is about time we started to wear colour with pride. You should never have to feel restrained when it comes to fashion and we should wear the colours that we wish to. Stop thinking about what would look good and instead embrace what makes you feel good. 

Colour is not specific to body types and skin colour, colours are for everyone.

Break boundaries and stereotypes within fashion with Designer Friday. We want to inspire you to ditch those grey hues and let your wardrobe burst with colours to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin through our array of colours and patterns to choose from. We create our maxi and midi dresses from leftover and recycled fabrics for a sustainable and fashionable look. Explore your favourite colours and designs here.

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