Living Nappily Ever After, The Sustainable Way

Living Nappily Ever After, The Sustainable Way

When we launched our brand in 2020, we had a mission: to save fabrics going to landfill. In the wake of Covid and a drop in demand, many fashion retailers were forced to cancel orders, and the impact was monumental. Now, we want to continue our efforts and our drive to be sustainable, by bringing something bigger and better to shake the industry.

And so, the Designer Friday Nap Queen Essentials were born.

With the effort to combat overstock issues, the underpayment of workers, and climate change, it was only natural that we would take our Repurpose, Redesign, Recycle ethos one step further. Only, this time, we’ve teamed up with a handful of ethical and conscious brands including Awake Organics, Diggles Chocolates, Nostara, and Šviesa. They’re paving the way for the sustainability movement with their products, using ethically sourced ingredients, recyclable materials and renewable energy, and keeping their workers happy. With this in mind, we’re confident that this is a collaboration that counts.

We’ve created four unique Nap Queen Essentials gift boxes, each with an original story behind the carefully curated products, allowing you to nap, relax, or go out, effortlessly. Perfect for yourself, or a gift for a special someone.

Daydreamer is our small but mighty Nap Queen Essentials box, containing all the goodies a fashionable queen needs to go from napping, to relaxing, to heading out. Two gorgeous scrunchies and face coverings, a satin sleep mask, and other treats and goodies, all ethically sourced.

Sleeping Beauty is for those queens who want a little more sparkle. All the treats of the Daydreamer box, with a stylish and comfortable Nap Dress up to the value of £45, and a relaxing soy candle.


Dream Queen is our biggest and brightest box, bursting with all the treats a chic, sustainable queen could desire. All the goodies of the Sleeping Beauty box, but with a higher value Nap Dress up to £85, and a body positive candle to help unleash the confident queen in you!

Nappily Ever After is the custom box you’ve been waiting for. Each box is carefully tailored to suit your individual needs. Perfect for a self-love treat to yourself, or a present for someone you care about.

Each Nap Queen Essentials box contains a uniquely crafted story, and a little surprise gift - it’s well worth the wait, we promise!

We know that it isn’t always easy to choose a greener way of life. And, while the fashion and cosmetics industries are responsible for driving the change, you as a consumer can be a small part of the solution. By shopping sustainably for yourself and your loved ones, you can help to solve a global crisis on a local scale. Here at Designer Friday, we are thoroughly committed to giving you that option, creating a greener, healthier world for everyone.

Be part of the change with us!


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