Practice & Preach the new normal

Practice & Preach the new normal

Body image, self esteem, mental health, anxiety, filtered images, finding ways to take control of your life and developing yourself to become a great role model. These are just a few life challenges that most of us experience making it almost impossible to accept ourselves for our imperfections.

Despite the age-old beauty and poised standards that we’ve been expected to showcase and the pressuring impact that social media has on us, finally, we’ve slid into the early stages of a generation where we’re normalising and accepting people for themselves without the need to pass unsolicited advice over our flaws.

As the saying goes, change is inevitable. Those with a recognised platform such as @lottiedrynan, @make_love_not_diets @allchloerose @mikzazon @em_clarkson expose the filters behind problematic standards and boldly condemn the environment of comparing ourselves to those unrealistic images without realising that every perfect post has had a tough journey with a mix of editing. We fail to realise that everyone has flaws- even those who are perceived flawless.

Self acceptance, self love and self care are words you’ve probably heard quite a handful of times since the lockdown that are gaining global attention as they contribute towards your mental and physical health. It’s very easy to demean ourselves at the first sign of a challenge or a physical change. The lockdowns heavily impacted our self confidence to the point where we resorted to photo editing tools giving our online presence a glamorous boost. 

So, the next time you want to criticize yourself for looking ‘bloated’ or you feel low and 'not beautiful', keep in mind that these feelings are normal and counterbalance those negative thoughts with self acceptance.

At Designerfriday, we practice and preach the new normal lifestyle. And what does that mean?  The simple and honest answer- to just be you. The authentic and imperfectly perfect version of yourself. 

Whether you’re a voluptuous or petite woman, sporting textured skin, acne scars, or have body hair and tummy rolls that you’re trying your best to cover up. Maybe, you’re struggling with body conscious anxiety or you’re constantly worrying over the fear of how you are perceived- these are all normal elements that set us apart from each other and they are qualities that we should embrace because that’s just who we are. 

It is challenging to accept (and eventually love) one’s unique individuality without the visceral need for “perfection”. After all, we all crave to follow the people who’ve achieved those wondrous levels of success and perfection.

So here are some affirmations you can practice whenever you feel low or doubtful about yourself: 

  1. I accept myself exactly as I am now.
  2. I accept myself unconditionally.
  3. I accept love from myself.
  4. I am at peace with where I am.
  5. I embrace who I am.
  6. I am perfect, just as I am.
  7. I am creating my own love.
  8. I am enough.
  9. I am whole.
  10. I am constantly growing, evolving and becoming my best self.

Normalise prioritising yourself first. Accept your strengths, embrace your weaknesses, surround yourself with the people who support your beliefs and you’ll find yourself on an empowering journey of self acceptance and self-confidence. 

And if you ever find yourself struggling for inspiration, DesignerFriday is here to inspire you to practice and preach your new normal lifestyle- the one that leaves you content and satisfied, the empowered way.

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