Upcycled and upgraded – a new take on contemporary fashion

Upcycled and upgraded – a new take on contemporary fashion

Designer Friday

Upcycled and upgraded – a new take on contemporary fashion

Fashion is one of the most colorful, interesting, and popular industries in the world, that constantly brings novelties and changes for their customers and demands on the market. With such a huge base to cover, fashion has become one of the biggest polluters of the environment. With the accent on becoming more eco-friendly, sustainable, and aware of the consequences that come from fast fashion, many fashion brands have turned to the ethical side and the new ones are founded basically on that principle – clean, safe, and aware.

Designer Friday is such a brand that has completely reinvented the term and the meaning of the word fashion. The multiples grounds upon which this brand is founded create an extraordinary connection between the upcycled, unique, and modern. The upcycled process of manufacturing puts the environment before the final products. The waste and the by-products that come from the production are not the same as those from fast fashion, which means that they are safe and caring for the environment.

We also aim to celebrate all shapes of women, and their acceptance, exclusivity, and empowerment, with a special nod that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. In those terms, we at Designer Friday have created the concept of one size dresses. Moreover, as a connection between the upcycled and unique are the unused materials, that come composed in beautiful fashion garments. Accentuating the modernity and style, the offer of these unique one-size dresses comes presented through a variety of all-time favorite and fashionable prints. Season after season, as the trends change, some of the fashion prints remain irreplaceable and with strong dominance. To keep the fashionability and trendiness, our dresses come in the most popular fashion prints – leopard animal print, florals, and abstract.

The concept of the upcycled and upgraded fashion makes the dresses interesting from many different aspects. Wearing a dress from Designer Friday is more than fashion. It is a concept that puts the brilliance of the idea, comfortability, and fabulous looks of the dresses into a movement that became only stronger during the pandemic. With lots of leftover fabrics and material, we at Designer Friday managed to salvage and use everything instead of throwing them away. It resulted in a situation where the offer of the one size dress was widened with more fashion options, putting a huge accent on preserving the environment.

Become a part of Designer Friday – a new upcycled and upgraded take on contemporary fashion!

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