Designer Friday: Fashion Shopping with a Clear Conscience

Designer Friday: Fashion Shopping with a Clear Conscience

Designer Friday: Fashion Shopping with a Clear Conscience

Today, due to the countless environmental and social issues our planet is facing, many industries are taking steps towards responsible consumption. Sadly, this progress has yet to reach a global scale, but the good news is that it is in our power, as consumers, to change this by supporting companies that are making a concrete effort to operate responsibly. 

The fashion industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to waste production and ethical issues, so it should be a priority to every one of us to purchase from brands that care.

Designer Friday is a company with a mission to reduce waste in fashion by saving discarded fabrics and transforming them into one-of-a-kind, ethically produced clothing and accessories. The Covid outbreak resulted in a lot of production units being left with excess fabrics because of cancelled orders, and Designer Friday decided to turn these lemons into lemonade, creating a collection of gorgeous upcycled dresses in pretty florals and solid colors, face masks, and scrunchies for fashionable and environmentally conscious women.

This eco-friendly approach, combined with the recycled and biodegradable bags the items are packaged in, result in prolonging the lifecycle of these fabrics and reducing the amount of fashion-related waste that ends up in landfills each year.

Designer Friday cares just as much about the people who wear their products as they do about the environment: their innovative approach to sizing means that their garments have no size labels and are designed to fit UK sizes 10-16. This feels like a refreshingly non-intrusive and kind way of reminding women that the size they wear doesn't define who they are and that every single one of us deserves to look and feel beautiful. It makes shopping a truly relaxing and happy experience, and makes returns due to a poor fit completely unnecessary.

Head over to the Designer Friday website to browse their fabulous collection and shop with a clear conscience!

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