Unleash the Power of Color: How Wearing Different Hues Can Enhance Your Mood

Unleash the Power of Color: How Wearing Different Hues Can Enhance Your Mood

We explore how different colours can radiate different moods and the way it positively impacts your well-being.

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Do you remember the last time you wore clothes that made you truly feel something? At times when life feels like it’s going too fast or too slow, clothes can lose their significance to us. However, by treating colours as energy portals, we can create meaningful rhythms of how we communicate with ourselves and our social circles.

When we get dressed each morning, we use colours to tell ourselves who we aim to be and how we hope to feel. So it’s only natural that the colours we wear can have an impact on our mood and behaviour.

According to colour psychology, certain colours can evoke different emotions and communicates an essence of our self-identity.


Here's how wearing different colours can enhance your mood:

Pink: Represents creativity, ambition, peace, independence and intuitiveness. 

Did you know pink could be used for medicinal purposes? It can promote restful sleep, soothe skin irritations and support healthy lymphatic function. It’s a colour worth having in your daily life, especially if it’s in the form of a sustainable Midi Dress! A benefit that nourishes both spiritually and physically! 

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Spiritually, you can channel the pink chakra that links you to the Divine force and an infinite source of healing energy via devotion, self-realization, wisdom, and enlightenment. 

Here are some affirmations to activate your Crown/ Sahasrara Chakra: 

  • I honour my body as the temple that nourishes my soul.
  • I can manifest my vision.
  • I am enough as I am.

PURPLE: Represents motivation, wisdom, transformation, bravery and ambition.

Purple both stimulates and soothes our body, which puts us in a good mood for self-reflection. It stimulates our senses and encourages the stillness required to make intuitive, perceptive observations, which in turn develops creativity. Purple brings awareness and calmness into a beautiful balance. 

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    You can allow your purple chakra to spirituality enhance your focus, consciousness and enlightenment. When this chakra is activated, you’ll feel calm and tranquil through stressful situations.

    We recommend repeating the following affirmations to activate your Third eye / Ajna Chakra: 

    Affirmations to activate your Third eye / Ajna Chakra: 

    • My life moves effortlessly toward my purpose 
    • I live in alignment with my authentic self
    • I learn valuable lessons from my past experiences

    BLUE: Represents tranquillity, trust, stability, confidence and inspiration.

    Blue is a calming and soothing colour that can promote feelings of tranquillity and peace. It's also associated with trust and reliability, so the next time you have an interview, or find yourself in a social setting where you want to leave a solid first impression, make sure blue is there in your wardrobe ready to wear! Choose a fun Braless Wonder to feel the benefits of blue for yourself, at a beach or a park, style it with a long sleeve top for colder weather or a bucket hat for summer and you’re as fabulous as ever. 

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    Spiritually, the colour blue is also represented by vishuddha chakra. 

    You can allow your vishuddha chakra also known as fifth chakra to spirituality enhance your self expression and will encourage you towards real self-improvement and communication, promoting stillness in the body and mind.

    Use the following affirmations to activate your Fifth Chakra: 

    Affirmations to activate your Throat/ Vishuddha Chakra: 

    • I express myself with clarity and confidence 
    • I am calm, grounded and well-spoken
    • My voice is unique and valuable 

    GREEN: Represents growth, abundance, balance, harmony and relaxation. 

    Green is such a refreshing colour, that it allows you to inhale calmness and exhale steady progress. You can enhance your manifestations of all the green attributes by adding a beautiful statement piece like this gorgeous Block Print Midi Dress. This way you can physically embody your ambitions more effectively by wearing a colour that truly radiates good vibes. 

    Spiritually, the colour green is also represented by Heart/ Anahata Chakra . Activating your Heart/ Anahata Chakra will result in you experiencing an abundance of love, compassion, empathy, calm and fortitude.

    Use the following affirmations to activate your Fifth Chakra: 

    Affirmations to activate your Heart/ Anahata Chakra: 

    • I am able to let go of the past, to forgive myself and others
    • I am grateful for all my blessings
    • I am worthy of love 

    YELLOW: Represents happiness, optimism, friendship, intellect and positivity.

    If you want to cultivate a more positive outlook and manifest good things in your life, consider yellow! It’s a colour prominent in nature, which can naturally increase dopamine levels.

    This can reduce symptoms of depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD tends to occur during colder months when our exposure to sunlight is reduced, but you can be your own ray of sunshine with our Block Print Maxi Dress.

    So dress for the season you want, not necessarily for the season you have!

    Did you know that the colour yellow spiritually represents Solar Plexus/ Manipura Chakra and an element of the Solar Plexus is fire?

    This means that by igniting the fire within, you can actually help regulate your body temperature and improve digestion. Who knew spirituality could be such a gut helper?

    The color yellow brings brightness and balance to the Solar Plexus Chakra. When this chakra is in balance, you'll feel confident, motivated, and full of purpose. Isn't that amazing? Here are few affirmations to practise daily to activate that fire within you, 

    Affirmations to activate your Solar Plexus/ Manipura Chakra: 

    • I wake up each morning feeling motivated, confident, and empowered.
    • I am motivated and driven to pursue my dreams.
    • I love and accept myself without conditions.

    RED: Represents strength, warmth, passion, physical courage and excitement. 

    Wearing red is a bold choice, so go for it! It’s such a confidence  booster and paves the rest of your day with fortitude. It can help you stand out in a crowd (or on a Zoom call!), and it leaves an excellent first impression on a date. Red can also be a fantastic uniform if you want to fight for a cause you're passionate about. Your first step of welcoming passion into your life could start with a Designer Friday Maxi Dress!

    red dress

    Did you know that the color red is associated with the Root Chakra? When this chakra is balanced, you'll feel a sense of calm and stability throughout your body. You'll feel grounded and at ease in your own skin, and any stress or worries about your sense of belonging will disappear.

    Taking care of yourself and meeting your own needs will help you cultivate stronger relationships and achieve your personal goals. It's all about finding balance! 

    Activate your root chakra by repeating the following affirmations:

    Affirmations to activate your Root/ Muladhara Chakra: 

    • I am present and safe.
    • I am centred and grounded.
    • I have everything I need to create the life I desire.
    "Colour is a power which directly influences the soul." -
    Wassily Kandinsky


    It's worth noting that the psychological effects of color can vary from person to person? However, incorporating colors that align with your mood and energy into your wardrobe can have a powerful impact on your self-confidence and well-being. 

    By incorporating these colors into your wardrobe, you can tap into the powerful energy they radiate and elevate your mood. 

    At Designer Friday, we focus on adding brightness and excitement to your wardrobe and spiritual journey, all while making you feel comfortable in our sustainably sourced cotton dresses. Discover the power of colour today at designerfriday.com!

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