Brand Inspiration

The piles of clothing in wardrobes, the countless instances of massive overproduction and the heaps of wasted fabrics are only a few of the many problems that exist because of fast-fashion. 

With this came a wake-up call where we realised that there is so much we can do to right these wrongs and create a better place for our future generations and do our part for the environment.

We figured that there was indeed a better possible way to create change and were thus inspired to make a difference in fashion. We aimed to build a sustainable and ethical brand as an option for people to make the better choice. 

With our quality upcycled fabrics and ethically sewn pieces we hope to inspire others towards this conscious effort one step at a time towards a sustainable future. 

Brand Purpose

Our goals are simple

  1. To be the sustainable option
  2. To lift and empower women and
  3. To cultivate self-love and body positive mindsets. 

We want to change the basics of fashion through how we consume, how much we consume and who we consume from. Our ethical fabrics, upcycling discarded material and our passionate team is truly what stands out about us and we cannot wait to have you join our mission. 

Who are our people?

Our dedicated tailors and a community of women run by and for women located in Northern part of India plays a pivotal role in transforming our pieces into the final product from the mock-ups produced in our London studio.

Our unique patterns are created from leftover fabrics with the help of our talented team in India who are paid well above the living wage.

We prioritise an ethical and transparent supply chain ensuring we pay our contributors their dues.

What is our Product List?

We focus on creating comfortable and durable designs that people love, want to look after and keep for life.

Our upcycled sustainable products include a collection of breathable and comfortable products including face coverings, midi & maxi dresses, t-shirts which are all made from sustainable and leftover materials.

Our nanofiber filters for our face masks guarantees 95% protection from airborne particles.

Get ready as we are launching a one stop shop to help you go all out in style with our Nap Queen Essentials Gift Box for beauty sleep, zoom calls or a day out! We are also looking to include 100% recycled products very soon. 

Why should you support us?

We care about our environment and our people so it was important to recognise our impact and what we could do to insist on change. 

We support local communities of women in India through our production providing them with work and opportunities for a better future. Our priority is to create fashion that is good for our planet while inspiring others to feel confident and positive in the way they dress. 

With your support, we will be reversing the effects of fast fashion one step at a time while reinvesting in local communities who really benefit from the contributions.


Designer Friday cares just as much about the environment as we do about the people who wear our products: our innovative approach to sizing means that our garments have no size labels and are designed to fit UK sizes 10-16.

We feel that a woman should never be defined by her size and that every single one of us deserves to look and feel beautiful. We aim to create the feeling of dressing unique a relaxing, happy experience and eliminate the concept of returns due to a poor fit. 

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